To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the
possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge.

– Paulo Freire

I see teaching in the dynamic Information Age as a collective activity, or dialogue between participants. My objectives as a university teacher are to develop enriched environments that promote active learning, challenge participants with modern methods and technologies that foster innovation, and empower students with evidence-based practices to facilitate their learning as a life-long endeavor.

I see student fluency in contemporary technologies and media as a major asset in the classroom, and encourage students to build from those strengths. I also encourage students to embrace “making mistakes” as a core learning tenet, whether practising coding or composition. Mastering the art of troubleshooting is something we can all aspire to!



University of Chicago

Instructor         Social Science Inquiry – Methods, Spatial Thinking Section, Winter 2017

TA         SOC 20253: Introduction to Spatial Data Science, 2016

Arizona State University

Instructor         GIS 311: Geographic Information Science II (Syllabus), 2015

Northwestern University

Co-Instructor          GBL 390: Refugee and Immigrant Health, 2012-2013

Roosevelt University

Internship         ENG 201: Writing Social Justice, 2010
Internship         ENG 102: Argument, Analysis, and Research, 2010

Princeton Review

Instructor         ACT Preparation, 2008-2013